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How a Small Addition Can Unlock your Floorplan

Photo by Christina Kiffney Photography

It is amazing how a very tiny addition coupled with smart interior remodeling can totally revamp how a home feels and performs.  In this post I’ll highlight 2 projects of this ilk.

Second Floor Addition: PopTop


This project belonged to a family of 4.  The existing house had 3 bedrooms and 1 standard 3-piece bathroom upstairs.  As you can tell by studying the ‘before’ picture, there was considerable 2nd story attic space above the garage and above the entry.  The square footage of this attic space was considerable.  But due to the low ceilings, it had very little value or usability.

The key was rebuilding the upper roof structure.

Without increasing the footprint of the home, we rebuilt the roof lines to create usable space above the garage and entry.  We gained 130 sq ft of usable space above the garage and another 95 sq feet of space above the entry.  In the ‘after’ photo you can see how we rebuilt the upper level roof and added walls/windows to the upper level.  

Added curb appeal:

When we alter/add space to a house, we always strive to make the house look better.  And the mark of a real pro is if you cannot tell that a major addition even happened; that in the end it looks like the house was built this way originally.  I posit that we succeeded in achieving this with this remodel.

The interior gains were remarkable as well.  The homeowners gained a nice master suite.  By looking at the ‘after’ floorplan, you can see they now have a large walk-in closet and a nice sized 4-piece bathroom.  The other bonus of the rebuilt roof is the loft/study space in the middle of the upstairs.  What was a dark hallway is now a bright cute upstairs multi-use room for homework, reading, etc.

Original Floorplan
Remodeled Floorplan

Small Addition with Remodeled Interior


This project added a miniscule 56 sq ft to the main level and another 58 sq ft to the upper level, yet the gains to the home are massive.

Main Level Reboot:

The existing main level was very choppy.  It felt like living inside the zigzag shape from Tetris.  The alcove for the fridge and an awkward small entry closet didn’t help matters.  Our goals were to open things up and make the home feel generous and easy.  The first piece of the puzzle was the kitchen.  We decided to completely move it to the other corner of the main level.  The kitchen fit in the existing southwest corner well and this opened up the rest of the main level.  Coupled with the small addition, we were able to create an amazing living space

Photo by Christina Kiffney Photography

Primary Bath Remodel:  

The additional 58 sq ft upstairs was dedicated to upgrading the bathroom.  This little amount of space allowed us to take a cramped 3-piece bath and turn it into a magnificent bathroom with a large soaking tub, custom shower, and double vanities. 

Photo by Christina Kiffney Photography

I think these 2 projects show how you can completely change the look and feel of your home, with smart tactical additions, coupled with quality details.  My next post focuses on home overhauls that are pure remodels and don’t add any square footage. To read more about how to add space, click here.

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