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What are the Best Kitchen Floors?

Kitchen Flooring Options

There are some pretty fun flooring options out in the world today.  But they are still very much a personal preference.  An old standby is tile.  Perhaps the word “old” is a misnomer, tile is constantly evolving with new styles.  The options for elegant textures and colors are currently endless.  You can play with multiple sizes and layouts.  It’s actually very hard to price out since the variability in materials and layout is so vast.  It can be anywhere from $15 to $25 per square foot.  It is such a durable material that wears well and it is relatively easy to clean.  Although, some people say it’s too hard on their feet and the grout lines are hard to keep clean.

tile floor in this kitchen

Another option that SoBo commonly uses is hardwood flooring.  This is popular because most of our projects have hardwood in the adjacent spaces.    And the current trend of open kitchens lends itself to having the kitchen flooring match the rest of the main level.  This detail can make the spaces feel more connected and contiguous.  It is also comfortable underfoot and a “known” entity in the make-up of the design.  And the price can come in around $17 per square foot.  The drawback is the durability.  It can wear more easily than a tile surface.  We recommend using a rug at the high use areas, like the sink.  This will slow down the degradation of this wood.

hardwood floor throughout this kitchen

A recent flooring powerhouse is the expansion of the vinyl flooring option called luxury vinyl plank (LVP).  It has allowed some innovative designs to penetrate the kitchen design.  And it is highly durable.  Most of these systems are “floating”, which means they “overlay” on top of a subfloor…or even existing flooring.  You may be tempted to turn your nose up at vinyl, but this is not your mom’s vinyl, it’s a whole new story.  The price allows an affordable option for a stylish yet durable design option.  But don’t be fooled, some of the more interesting styles can get pricey.  Take a look at some options, they will vary from $10 to $20 per square foot.

LVP in this ADU's kitchenette

Lastly, a playful standby can by Marmoleum.  It is a great natural product made from linseed oil.  This is definitely your mom’s kitchen floor with a fresh twist.  It is a sheet product that can be seamed together over various size rooms.  It was an old go-to in the 60s and 70s.  But its eco qualities have allowed it to re-surge into many modern and  playful kitchen designs.  Definitely add this to your viewing list when contemplating new flooring.  It is not a money saver, like any green product, you pay for it.  Price per square foot is upwards of $15. Learn more about it here.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to explore some fun options for your kitchen flooring.  Our interior designer can walk you through the options and come up with the best solution for your project. Feel free to reach out, if you're interested in a kitchen (or more!) remodel.

all photos in this post by Christina Kiffney Photography

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