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Why do I want a Project Manager for my remodel?

Oftentimes people ask, “What makes Sobo different from other construction companies?”  There are a number of ways we answer this question, but at the heart of it all is our Project Managers.  We’ve got 3 amazing project managers that really make the magic happen.

People call us up because they need help with their home.  We have a team and process to help people navigate from ideas all the way through the execution of the construction.  

Sobo has 2 departments: 

  • Our design department figures out all the details, finishes, and architecture.
  • The production department handles the actual building of the project.

Every project starts in Design and then moves to Production. (To read more about our full process, click here.)

The construction, aka the production department, is the reason you called Sobo in the first place.  The firepower of production is our Project Managers.  Our PMs are the point person for all construction logistics.  Everything regarding construction runs through them.  Inevitably there are many decisions, big and small, that must be navigated during a complex construction project.  It’s imperative that the PM has the bandwidth to handle all the on site details and surprises.  The design department supports them as needed. 

Our business model is simple: each project manager can run 2 projects at any given time.  My favorite metaphor is a small restaurant with 6 tables.  Each project manager is like a waiter serving 2 of the tables.  Our company’s production capacity is 6 jobs.  A new job can start when a job gets completed.  This strategy is our key to not overcommitting.  This allows our PMs to be fully focused on their 2 projects.  

Another reason we love having project managers is that they’re constantly updating and driving the schedule.  They schedule all trade partners, deliveries, site details, and are ultimately responsible for finishing the project on time.

What do other companies do?  If you’re looking to hire a construction company I encourage you to ask who runs the actual construction project and how it works.  Many remodeling companies don’t even have project managers.  They may have a key carpenter that is the glue to the project.  The problem with this model can be that this person usually isn’t clued into the project’s budget or schedule.  The project is “done when it’s done.”

Our PMs build the project schedule during pre-production and then they manage and update a Gantt chart throughout the project.  Our PMs also manage the budget, change orders, and other project overhead logistics.

Many top companies have their PMs run 3 jobs at any given time.  In our opinion, this spreads our construction leadership too thin.  We want A+ focus and results; hence only 2 jobs at any given time.

Another metaphor I like for project managers is that they’re Sobo’s quarterbacks.  They need to be smart and adept at all aspects of construction.  They need to be quick on their feet, charismatic, stable, and organized.  They need to be able to inspire and motivate the people in the field (like a quarterback needs to have rapport with the O-line so that the O-line blocks well for the quarterback!).  The PM needs to be able to read the plans, talk with every subcontractor, make audible calls, and communicate with the homeowners.  It’s a tough job.  We are lucky to have such awesome field generals.

Let’s take a minute to give our 3 amazing PMs a shoutout!

  • Mason Gatto has been with Sobo since 2011.  He’s comically stoic and steady; but don’t sleep on Mason, he’s sharp and hilarious and graciously stuffs that all behind his cool Minnesota countenance.
  • Kyle Klink has been managing projects with Sobo since 2013.  He might be Sobo’s most outgoing team member.  It doesn’t take much to get him going, which will inevitably lead to you having a smile on your face.
  • Gerome Sarasin has been with Sobo since 2019, and has worked with Mike and Eric since 2000.  Gerome is a natural teacher.  His empathy and interpersonal wisdom manifests as patience and kindness to all people. 

Each of these guys have been in the remodeling industry for over 20 years.  Here’s to you, fellas!  Thanks for all you do!

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