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SoBo’s values

How is SoBo different

  • FUN.  Life is more enjoyable when you have a positive attitude.
  • THE GOLDEN RULE.  We treat everyone with respect.  We believe in being open and honest at all times.  We believe in treating people fairly.  We believe in doing the right thing.
  • BALANCE.  We believe a key to happiness and fulfillment is living a healthy balanced lifestyle.  This includes taking care of yourself, your family, and giving back to the community.


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  • We pay holistic attention to your home’s energy use (heat, insulation, solar, appliances, etc.).
  • As building envelopes get tighter, indoor air quality becomes more important. We highly recommend integrating an Energy Recovery Ventilator (such as this one) into any home that's well sealed.
  • We want you and your family’s home to be a healthy place to live and grow.
  • We believe one of the most environmentally conscious things you can do with a major addition/remodel is to keep the square footage sensible.  We advocate for efficient use of space to keep heating/cooling loads as low as possible.

Construction Values

Waste and Energy Reduction

  • Waste and Energy Reduction
    We partnered up with PACE and Boulder County to help us reach 0 emissions by 2050, which we are on track to achieve, thanks to XCEL’s greening of the grid and us eliminating natural gas use. They’re also helping us track our waste diversion. City of Boulder’s goal is to have an 85% diversion rate from garbage by 2025. We are currently at 75%. Here are the ways we are doing this, in addition to curbside single-stream recycling and composting:
    - 90% of office food comes from waste-free Nude Foods
    - Converted to recycled paper products, including toilet paper and printer paper
    - Using cloths and towels instead of disposable paper towels
    - Ordering to-go food through DeliverZero, who uses reusable containers with partnering restaurants
    - Subscription with Ridwell, which provides a recycling/repurposing outlet for so many different hard-to-recycle items, including styrofoam, plastic films and wrappers, batteries, lightbulbs, fabrics, and so much more.
    - Replaced old, debilitated gas furnace with electric air source heat pump.
    - Replaced old gas water heater with small electric water heater.
    - Added an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) to the building to keep air quality high and energy consumption low.
    - Replaced old single pane windows with new high performance windows.
    - Landscaped to add plant life and tree canopy to improve the environment around the building.
    - Low use irrigation system.
    - Added bike lockers to promote riding to work.
  • Job site recycling
    - Untreated wood, dimensional wood, plywood, engineered wood
    - Metal
    - Cardboard
    - Styrofoam

Community Involvement

  • For organizations and causes that are important to us,  we put our money where our mouth is.
  • Organizations that we regularly support:
    - Garden Tour (Garden to Table/Growe Foundation)
    - Walk and Bike Month/Community Cycles
    -Environment Colorado
    - EFAA
  • Other causes we support:
    - TGTHR
    - ALS Association
    - Leukemia society
    - Dana Farber
    - Boulder Creative Collective
    - St. Baldrick’s Foundation
    - Help Hope Live
    - Children’s Hospital
    - Black Lives Matter
    - Southern Poverty Law Center
    - PFLAG

    Local schools and sports:
    - GRUPY (GrassRoots Ultimate Program for Youth)
    - Creekside Elementary
    - Fairview High School Lacrosse