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the sobo process

Initial Design

The Initial Design phase is how we launch our process.  Eric will be your principal designer during this phase.

  • Site feasibility: We discuss potential design options with the appropriate planning department (eg: city of Boulder, Boulder County).  We’ll also analyze costs for 3rd party surveyors if necessary.
  • Floorplans and 3D views:  We will take meticulous measurements of your existing home and build your house with our design software.  Then we begin designing your new updated house. Take a look at our past work for inspiration for your project. We will create 2-3 viable concepts for your home.  These plans will include new floorplans to inspire you as to what is possible. 
  • Cost: This phase generally costs $4,000, depending on project scope.

Scope and Budget

The goal of this phase is to create an accurate budget.  The key to this is in creating a comprehensive scope of work.

  • One of the major advantages of working with a design/build company is that the design doesn't evolve without understanding the associated costs.
  • We rally around the design and scope of work that you approve and help drive.  
  • Communication Tools:  As the design develops, we will invite you to join a powerful online software tool called Co-Construct.  This helps us organize all aspects of the job.  It tracks our communications, sorts our selection items, displays the budget, and keeps track of the schedule.  We also catalog all of the drawings, documents, and photos relevant to your project. Please check out for more insight.  
  • We also create an Allowance List that allocates money for finishes that have yet to be chosen.
  • Cost:  This phase costs $1,000.

Systems Design

The goal of this phase is lock in all the details for your project.

  • This is an iterative process that is coordinated by Mike.  He will be your principal designer and will meet with you weekly for about 4 or 5 weeks.  We will play with various layouts, rooflines, and design ideas.
  • We also provide construction plans and structural engineering, and submit for the required building permits.
  • By the end of this phase we'll be ready to sign the Construction Contract.
  • Cost:  8% of Anticipated Construction Costs.  NOTE: We credit your previous design payments towards this amount.

Fixed-Price Construction Contract:  All of our projects use a fixed price framework.  We have found several major advantages to this.  1.  All of the hard decisions must be made before construction begins.  2.  It mitigates stress around money during construction.  3.  Since all the details have been decided, we can build your house faster and more efficiently.


The goal of this phase is to finalize all interior finishes and prepare for construction.

  • You will work with Angela and one of our preferred interior designers to pick finish materials such as tile, plumbing fixtures, hardware.
  • We also create detailed drawings and elevations for all bathrooms, fireplaces, kitchens, and other components with complex details.
  • Cost:  Includes paying for all Ancillary Services.  These include interior design, asbestos and lead-based paint testing, soils testing, home energy audits, surveying, engineering, and city and county Plan Check Fees to review permits.


We are a full service construction company.  We perform all phases of construction, from excavation and foundation/site work, to custom interior finishes.

  • Operations:  Every job is assigned to one of our 2 Project Managers.  He will set up weekly meetings with you during construction.  Mike will also join all the meetings up to drywall completion.  Eric will join the meetings from drywall to project completion.  You will be in constant contact with at least one of the principles of the company throughout the entire process.
  • SoBo’s Paperless Process: All change orders, all invoicing, and all other paperwork during construction is managed online via co-construct.  You will have access to everything.
  • Caliber of Work:  Please peruse our Idea Gallery and our Facebook page to get a better understanding of our commitment to quality.
  • Your Warranty:  We provide you with a 2-year comprehensive Warranty upon job completion
SoBo Process Flow Chart
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