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Parkside Neighborhood - 2nd Remodel

all photos by Christina Kiffney Photography

Primary Suite Remodel in Boulder

When we first met with Karen and Mark years ago, they were looking for a general contractor to remodel their kitchen.  Even though we provide design services, they had already selected a different design firm to change the kitchen layout.  We worked closely with the owners and the designers to execute a successful remodel.  It was so successful in fact, they selected us for both the design and the remodel of their next remodel: the primary suite.  

We had been working with independent designers for several years before we decided to hire an in-house interior designer.  It has been such a success adding Lisa to our team, we wonder why we waited so long.  The addition of these services has really streamlined our entire process.  Now we can manage the timeline so much better.

Lisa dropped right into the team.  She immediately started collaborating with Karen and Mark on their primary suite.  They had a strong sense of direction, yet they were hesitant to make any quick decisions.  Their inspirational photos from some of their favorite magazines really helped Lisa get up to speed quickly.  And she allowed some extra time for thoughtful decisions to be made. 

Primary Bathroom Remodel

The highlight of the design was the backlit onyx stone.  The stone is very appealing when it stands alone, but when you add lighting behind it really glows.  The light moves through the stone and highlights the natural colors and the pattern of the minerals in the stone.  It was ultimately decided to use this feature along the back wall of the vanities.  It is a floor to ceiling element that commands your attention.

The dream team for the installation included Lisa (our Interior Designer), Omar (our independent lighting designer) and Kyle (our Project Manager).  They collaborated well on the design and the assembly of the final product.  It was a tricky concept, we needed to mount “removable” stone tiles to the wall.  These are very heavy individual pieces…the installation could not be taken lightly…haha.  We had to plan for the future in case any of the LED lighting failed and an electrician required access to the wiring.

Primary Bedroom Fireplace

Another key feature was in the bedroom.  They really wanted a cozy, but modern feel for the fireplace wall.  We added some lovely trapezoid windows up above the unit which were high enough to provide some excellent daylight while maintaining privacy.  The fit and finish of the surround was a combination of stone and wood and it turned out wonderfully.  They had also selected some new furniture to compliment the accent wall.  We worked closely with them on the electrical layout so we could provide LED downlighting along the base of the platform bed.  And who doesn’t like outlets in the nightstand drawers?!

A Positive Attitude Creates Home Remodeling Success

As with any project, the process didn’t go perfectly.  The owners weren’t quite satisfied with how one of the shower tile selections actually looked once it was in place.  But they were very collaborative on the solution and Kyle quickly processed the change.  In our 20 years of experience, we’ve found that when we all remain positive through a miscommunication, it really lends itself to a better and faster solution than falling to anger and finger pointing.  Ultimately, we want the best for you and your project.  Your trust in our process and product is the key to a successful project.

It is the highest compliment to be hired again by a client.  Karen and Mark were a delight to work with.  Handing over such a beautiful space to them was a great source of pride for our team.  We look forward to seeing them again at our next Client Celebration.

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